Dental Cleanings
Lacey, WA

Woman getting a dental cleaning from Brian K. Rounds, DDS in Lacey, WATo support overall oral health, you need to ensure that you have regular dental cleanings. Dental cleanings need to be done at least twice in a year to obtain optimal oral health. When you think of dental cleanings do not be filled with anxiety for this is a procedure that will keep you smiling for long. Whether you feel that your teeth are clean or not you still need to see our dental hygienist for routine cleaning. The dental hygienist at Brian K. Rounds, DDS, Family Dentistry, will clean your teeth and do a dental exam to detect any oral health issue that you might have before it develops into something more severe like periodontal gum disease.

Why Are Dental Cleanings Essential?

Dental cleanings will ensure that you have healthy gums and teeth and that the plaque and tartar from the teeth are removed to keep you safe from gum disease and gingivitis. After your teeth are cleaned you will receive a fluoride treatment.

During your dental cleaning you will also receive an oral cancer screening to check for any abnormalities in your face, neck, mouth, and gums.

When you take care of your oral health, it greatly improves your general health, as the two are connected. When you have poor oral health you are likely to suffer from other conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Regular dental cleanings will also help remove stains that may have formed on the teeth and you will have a healthy smile that you are proud of.

How Often Should I Have Dental Cleanings?

Each patient will have different needs and this will determine how often you will require oral cleaning apart from times that are recommended by the dentist. If you are prone to having dental issues, then this will increase the number of times that you may need to come in for dental cleanings. If you rarely have dental issues, then we will recommend a dental cleaning at least twice a year as recommended by the dentist.

What Happens as I Wait to Come in for My Next Dental Cleaning?

To stay healthy and have a healthy mouth, you need to practice proper oral care. You need to brush and floss your teeth regularly, twice daily. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and ensure that the toothpaste you are using is fluoridated for this helps in making the enamel stronger, and helps with the prevention of cavities. You should ensure that you also floss your teeth twice a day as this will remove plaque and tartar that may be forming in between the teeth. Flossing is not taken seriously by many yet it is a vital oral health habit that you must adopt. Ensure that you also use mouthwash to keep bacteria away, and it gives you fresh breath as well. Observing oral hygiene is vital and should not be forgotten at any given time.

Make a point of coming to our clinic at Brian K. Rounds, DDS for regular dental cleanings so that your oral health is in shape. If you have a busy schedule you can book an appointment by calling us at (360) 764-5236.
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