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Rendering of tooth on emergency kit at Brian K. Rounds DDS in Lacey, WAMost of the dental emergencies we attend to here at Brian K. Rounds, DDS are related to dental trauma. Dental trauma results when any part of the mouth sustains a physical injury, from the teeth to the gums, supporting bones, tongue, and even lips. The physical injury might be caused by accidents, an impact from contact sports, or any number of other reasons.

Dental trauma can manifest as a chipped tooth, root fractures, enamel fractures, knocked out or loose tooth, intruding tooth, jaw fracture, and lacerations of the lips and gums.

Symptoms of Dental Trauma

We tailor each dental trauma patient’s treatment according to the symptoms they exhibit as well as their unique medical history. We use radiographic and clinical tools to thoroughly inspect your teeth, from the enamel to the dentin, pulp, canal, and roots.

For crown fractures, we may recommend simply to rebond the fragment to the teeth, but we will ensure that any injury to the soft tissues of the pulp and gums are cleaned and properly treated. In the case of root-crown fractures, the tooth may extrude out of position and the sensitive tissues of the pulp exposed. This might result in swelling around the gums, gum recession, and rapid teeth discoloration. We might recommend a root canal procedure, in this case, to cover the exposed sensitive tissues of the pulp and prevent the damages from spreading further.

The same goes for root fractures, though more complex restoration procedures may not be required if the case is reported in time. Depending on the severity of the trauma, we may recommend the use of splints restorations for a specific period. No complex procedure is usually needed for luxation injuries that cause the teeth to wobble, though it is necessary to visit our dentists regularly to ensure a quick recovery. In the case that trauma results in avulsion, the timing of the intervention determines the chances of saving the lost tooth.

Treatment for Dental Trauma

For chipped or fractured teeth, we may recommend tooth-colored fillings or an artificial crown to replace the missing portions of the teeth. A root canal may be needed if the teeth are dislodged, the root is compromised, or the back teeth are injured. A root canal is also generally recommended for kids having dental trauma with baby teeth. We may have to extract splint teeth and replace it with a denture or dental implant.

We may also need to replace a lost tooth if the missing teeth aren’t replaced in 30-40 minutes after it was knocked out. To further elevate the chances of saving a knocked out tooth when you turn up in our office, you need to grab it by the crown immediately after it falls out (do not touch the roots!) and try fitting it back in place and biting down on a tissue to strap it in place. You can place the tooth in a jar of milk if you cannot put it back in place.

Besides your teeth, we will also examine other parts of your mouth and face at our office to ensure there are no hidden dangers emanating from your dental emergency. We will check for any facial bone fractures, or malocclusion of the jaw. And in the case of lost teeth where the patient has been choking and coughing, we may recommend a chest x-ray to ensure that the teeth have not been ingested or aspirated. Call Brian K. Rounds, DDS today at (360) 764-5236 to get timely and well-rounded treatment for your dental trauma.
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