My Face Is Swollen, What Should I Do?

Posted on 6/5/2023 by Brian Rounds, DDS
My Face Is Swollen, What Should I Do?Different things can contribute to facial swelling including an allergic reaction or an infection. Also, an injury, dental problems, or an underlying health problem could present with facial swelling. Having a swollen face can make you feel bad, hurt, or embarrassed. Knowing what to do when your face is swollen is crucial. It can help relieve the pain and keep it from worsening.

Identify the Cause and Severity of the Swelling

Once you notice the face is swollen, try to figure out what the cause could be. Check how bad the swelling is. If the swelling is severe or makes breathing hard or causes other problems, you should get medical help immediately. However, if the swelling isn't too bad and there are no other signs, try to check what might be wrong. For example, if you ate something you are allergic to, try to avoid it. If you have to eat it, then take an antihistamine.

Dental Issues that Cause Facial Swelling

Your face could swell when you have a toothache from infection or injury. An injury to the pulp can result in inflammation and swelling. Again, severe gum disease can cause swelling around the cheeks. Decay is also a culprit for facial swelling. You should see a qualified dentist if you notice your face is swelling. You could have a serious infection that is beginning to take hold of your dental health.

Apply Cold Compresses

Putting cold compresses on the affected area can help curtail swelling and inflammation. Use a clean cloth or a cold gel pack and put it on the area for 15 to 20 minutes several times daily. This can help ease pain and other problems.

Follow up with a Dentist

If the swelling worsens over time, see a dentist. The dental specialist can help determine what is causing the swelling and offer the proper treatment. Depending on what caused it, the dentist may recommend antibiotics, pain relievers, or treatments like extractions, root canals, fillings, or an apicoectomy. Visit our dentistry practice for immediate treatment of your facial or dental pain!

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