What Is The Procedure For Placing Zirconia Veneers?

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Brian Rounds, DDS
What Is The Procedure For Placing Zirconia Veneers?We have been used to seeing composite resin and porcelain as the common materials for fabricating veneers, however, a new more desirable material is being used by dentists today. This is none other than zirconia. If you have had dental implants, you may have heard of zirconia, which is an alternative to titanium dental implants. In similar ways, zirconia can be used to make veneers.

What are Veneers?

These are restorations or thin shells that help cover the front areas of teeth to mask or hide imperfections such as stains, discoloration, chipping, mishappen teeth, or even minor cracking. A dentist, after making the veneers, fits them and cements them using special dental adhesives or cement.

Zirconia Veneers Placement

Placing veneers is not an easy procedure since it requires a high level of skill and experience. It is different from the procedure of fitting other veneer types like resin or porcelain. The procedure also takes longer. Because high precision and expertise are required in the fitting process, zirconia veneers are pricier to place compared to other veneers.

The procedure begins with the preliminary appointment. A dentist conducts a complete checkup of the oral cavity. X-rays are recorded to assess the presence of gum disease, decay, and other issues. This way, a dentist can ascertain if veneers make the right choice.

The second is tooth enamel preparation. A dentist makes some space where the veneer will be fixed onto the tooth. This involves removing a thin enamel layer, of about 0.3mm. Shaving down the teeth ensures that your bite is not obstructed. You should not get worried about enamel removal since local anesthesia is used. You will not have any pain.

Third, we record teeth impressions using 3D scans or putty molds. We also figure out the shade of your natural teeth. We use this information and details to help craft bespoke veneers. At this time, we fit provisional veneers as you wait for the final pieces.

Lastly, is the placement of permanent veneers. We remove the temporary ones and fit the new fabricated veneers and do any final tweaks that may be necessary to adjust the shape, fit, and color of the restorations. We, then bond the veneers onto the enamel surface and cure them with UV light. To find out about zirconia veneers from our team, contact us today.

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